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Our ISO proofs are printed on the basis of the most recent ISO references and with the new, much smaller tolerances. For every offset printing job we provide an ISO proof. If you are in contact with your commercial printer yourself, but you want more control over the final printing result, then ISO proofs are indispensable. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for proofing your print job.

The ISO standard for photographers, commercial printers and pre-press is a standard, which defines the complete workflow from photography, pre-press and offset printing to very narrow and measurable tolerances.
The objective is not only to produce accurate color reproduction, but also predictable and repeatable results.
Your ISO (passed) proof is a document that avoids misunderstanding between you and your commercial printer. In fact, your offset printer is able to measure the color strip on your proof and check the report we provided you, against his measured values.
This workflow simplifies your relation with your commercial printer, by simply expecting a 100 % match between your proof and the printed offset sheets.

Adjustments to the ink limits at the press, which used to be common in the past, are now replaced by 'printing by the numbers'.

The end result of the printed matter can only be as strong as weakest link in the entire production process. Therefore we work entirely according to latest ISO standard.

Your benefit: predictable and more beautiful colors and you save additional costs for color corrections or disappointing results.

Every ISO proof job we produce has its own universal control strip printed along the job, which is measured with a photospectrometer. The data are processed in the software, which automatically generates a detailed report that accompanies our proofing job. This is your guarantee for consistent matching at the press. The strip is universal and strictly conforms to the ISO directives and can be measured again by your commercial printer printer. A conclusive workflow that gives you peace of mind.



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