arnold henri fashion photographers  
Large format posters in exquisite quality on 12 color printer.
Quality inks 100 year colorfast.
groot fomaat posters
Create an eye-catcher for your product or company and we integrate your logo at no extra charge.
Posters arnold henri Posters on paper (photo quality)
high quality and budget friendly
ideal to hang with re-usable poster slats
Posters arnold henri Poster slats in aluminum
holds just about every poster firmly (paper, cloth, etc.)
solid quality, posters to 3 m wide clamps without sagging
!! Beware of inferior quality that clamp badly!!
Poster on lightweight plastic board

Poster on lightweight plastic board
looks sleek and modern
up to 150 cm x 300 cm in 1 piece

Posters In Backlit light boxes In Backlit light boxes
because of the background lighting, a real attention grabber
Rollup display Rollup display
easy to transport (fairs)
poster printed on perfect mat synthetic paper (no reflections of spots)
sets up in seconds
Wall with Adhesive vinyl Adhesive vinyl
ideal to cover windows or entire walls
photo on tear resistant fashion cloth Fine tear resistant fashion cloth
mat (no reflections)
can be stretched on a wooden frame
or be finished with tunnels and hanging cord
may also be mounted in poster slats

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